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Don't Listen to your brain, just listen to you heart !!

Sok-heng Em

I was born on Friday 1, June 2004. I was an ordinary boy who grew up in Kampong Cham of Cambodia; It locates on the central lowlands of the Mekong River. After I saw a first light of the a glorious world, my grandma gave me a name "Sok-heng"; In khmer, it means peaceful and lucky. Hahaha such a great name. I don't think that I'm lucky like my name.

I spent six years at Government school before I came to Liger Leadership Academy in Phnom Penh. It was twisted my mind and my life. The way I see the world from one day to anothers have changing becuase Liger provided me a lot of education. Besides, I have joined many events that were happening in my society. I pledge to walk on a right track to fulfill Liger's dream.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation along Mekong Riverside. Cambodia has changed in many factors such as Agriculture, infrastructure, economic, education, and etc. Cambodia was also experienced wars, hunger, and dark period. on the other hand, Tones of stones stacked on each other create such wonderful temples.

On my personal time, I enjoy doing my favorite sport and skill. Every weekend, I would go to the field with my peers and spend time at least one to two hours just running and catching a frisbee. for skill, I like to paint and draw on my free time. For the future goal is, I want to become a famous architect and create a new amazing Kampuchea. Sometimes.... Haha I spend the rest of my life with phone. JK. I like to watch video on Utube and checking social medias like Facebook and Instargram. Oh!!, my God is calling me BYE. OHH !! wait, wait..... I DON't LIKE football. "Sorry"

My first website-11-7-2019

Cambodia-Sokheng/email: sok_heng.e@ligercambodia.org

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